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VDL ETG is a reliable supplier for manufacturers of medical equipment. We deliver high-quality components and complete mechatronic products such as patient tables. The market is distinguished by the rapid tempo, innovational strength and cost reductions. We capitalise on these aspects and are pleased to work co-operatively with our clients, often at an ever earlier stage. 


VDL ETG IS ISO 13485 certified

At VDL ETG we know what we are talking about. The combination of a long relationship with the Philips organisation and the high standards of quality that we have developed over the years ensures that your product meets all requirements that the medical industry demands. 


We employ the full spectrum of our knowledge

VDL ETG is active in various markets, including the semiconductor capital equipment market. Our knowledge and skills in the semicon field, in the areas of mechatronics and precision engineering for instance, stand us in good stead in the medical industry.  


We are extremely cost-aware

The medical world demands continuous price reductions, but these cannot be achieved by efficiency improvements only. This is the reason we place such importance on value analysis and value engineering. We also provide for an efficient supply chain. If desired, we follow you to Asia. VDL ETG has locations there in Singapore and Suzhou, China.

Increasingly, clients ask us to take responsibility for a portion of their inventory management. We assume responsibility for keeping track of exactly when which products must be delivered. That ensures efficiency and flexibility.










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