VDL ETG Precision

VDL ETG Projects bv is a turn-key supplier to develop, produce, assemble and install mechatronic modules, machines and production lines for both individual and repetitive (production expansion) projects. The company is world wide active in a wide variety of market segments ranging from Food, Medical, New Electronics, Personal Care, Science & Technology, Semiconductors to Solar & Energy.

VDL ETG Precision Technology is a cooperation between VDL ETG Projects and VDL ETG Research. This activity is specialized in the (co)development of high precision parts, sub-assy’s, prototypes and modules. These products require high / ultra precision turning & milling, special measurements, and heat & surface treatments. The defined production strategy determines yield, cycle time, and cost of ownership. Our strength is to rapidly translate highly innovative, complex product designs into tangible products ready to enter small series production. Flexibility, craftsmanship, and top-notch machines are key features of our organization. The proto-typing and precision parts business unit typically serves the markets of analytical, high-end semiconductor, accelerator, satellite, and fundamental research applications.