Semicon Market  - Semiconductor (IC) Manufacturing Equipment

More than Moore, society, sustainability

The semiconductor manufacturing equipment industry is a challenging industry from a technological as well as a product lifecycle management perspective.
To enable the continuation of Moore’s law, OEMs are required to focus on innovation, pushing the boundaries of engineering and stretching competences and resources. Partnering with a competent tier-1 subcontractor like VDL ETG has allowed many successful OEMs to focus on their core technology and to deal economically with volatility that has characterized this market.

VDL ETG acquired know-how in key domains like ultra-high vacuum, accurate positioning and handling of delicate substrates over many decades of working for a multitude of global equipment OEMs, active in many front-end and in back-end processes like wafer sawing, thin-film depositioning (CVD,PVD,ALD), optical and e-beam lithography ,ion-implant, etching, annealing, RTP, wafer laser dicing, die- and wire-bonding, packaging  and testing, SMT