John verdonschot nominated for Noordhofprijs 2020!

John verdonschot nominated for Noordhofprijs 2020!

12 November 2020

John Verdonschot is nominated for the Noordhofprijs 2020. Since 1986, this prize has been awarded to the best craftsman or woman in construction, mechatronics and other technical fields. We congratulate John! 


John once started at the Philips business school. After that he went into the factory to put his knowledge into practice. He has learned many techniques including turning, milling and grinding. But checking products was also often left to John. At that time this was still done by hand. When the first measuring machine was driven into the factory, John was asked if he wanted to learn this technique.

This is more than twenty years ago, but John still talks passionately about his profession. "As a measuring technician, you are the important link between the production facilities and the customer. Together with these parties we always look for the best possible improvements", says John. "Even if we run into a measurement problem, We have to find a solution with colleagues. Sometimes we have to improve our programmes or really dive deep into the matter. That makes the work challenging every day".

His managing director Gerard Hermkens is very enthusiastic about John: "John knows the processes used in production down to the last detail and the whole range of (end) products that are made at VDL ETG Eindhoven. John accurately measures the required tolerances of products, which are sometimes extremely low, and even gives advice on them. He advises us on measurement methods, both to internal experts and the design specialists at the customer. With us, John is the super skilled when it comes to measurement technology".

John likes to working together with colleagues. John: ''I learned a lot from my colleagues. Together we regularly attend training sessions at the client's site. This really feels like a 'second home'. It's great that we continue to follow training courses. That way we all stay up-to-date about the settings and software of the machines. The equipment and measurement programmes are becoming very complex, but also the tolerances and requirements of the customer are becoming higher and higher. So John is a colleague who has a lot of experience and is still learning a lot. If you ask Gerard whether John also conveys that knowledge, he answers: "Yes, John is a patient and good coach. He is a very helpful colleague who is enormously involved in our company.''